Kigame Music Academy

Situated in a serene garden environment on the outskirts of Eldoret on Kenya’s Western highlands, Kigame Music Academy offers training in music and performing arts with the aim of transforming the society through value-based arts.

Kigame Music Academy

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To fill Africa and the Diaspora with skilled musicians and artists who use music and the arts to positively transform the lives of people in the society.


To identify, train and promote musical talents, theatre and media arts among children, youth and adults through value-based education and mentorship.


skill, excellence, aesthetics, honesty, humility, hard work, and Godliness.


We are committed to:

  • The identification, nurture and promotion of musical talents and arts among children, youth and adults for the positive transformation of the society.
  • The promotion of theoretical and practical music education and research with emphasis on composition and performance.
  • The identification, development and promotion of music performance, theatre arts and media skills for the healing and cohesion of the society as well as the inculcation of biblical values.
  • The training of Church members and groups in principles and practices of biblical worship and music group Administration.
  • The development and promotion of creative song-writing skills, poetry and performing arts.
  • The encouragement of exchange of musical skills and competences among musicians in Africa and other parts of the world in the service of God and society.
  • Training in Sound Engineering and its proper usage in worship, performance and studio technology.


We boast of:

  • Qualified staff who also serve as mentors to the students.
  • An excellent, unique and godly relationship between our teachers and students, which emphasizes the personal development of our students.
  • Affordable fees, which can be settled in instalments during the stipulated periods of study.
  • Continued interest in the individual growth of our alumni and guidance for them even after graduating from KMA.
  • We offer the perfect integration of theory and practice of music and performing arts.
  • Our campuses are unique in that they provide a serene, godly environment, free from ethical compromises, greed for money and vain popularity.
  • We offer a place for everyone desiring to develop skills and competencies in Sound engineering, DJ techniques, composition, music arrangement as well as life careers in music and performance.
  • We are the best song-writing instruction centre in the world, focusing on individual qualities and interests as well as available knowledge in the field of songwriting and our school has room for every musical culture of the world.
  • We offer music training with the option Of either the Classical or Contemporary traditions.


We follow an open curriculum that gives our students a unique opportunity to choose between the KMA certification that requires demonstrated competence in both theory and practice and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the LondonCollege of Music (LCM) . Our students may also choose to sit for examinations leading to certification by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

Our students can choose between the Classical and the Contemporary traditions of music, but are encouraged to experience both. Our teachers are qualified and operate from a biblical paradigm.

We offer unique programmes and seminars in songwriting and arrangement for both traditional and contemporary types.

We also scout for talents in public speaking, poetry, acting and other areas of artistic growth and provide training or supportive reference in conjunction with other talent institutions.

Our curriculum is diverse and is offered in a godly environment, conducive for those who wish to pursue Christian Education or ministry studies. Church leaders such as Pastors, Bishops, Priests, worship/music team leaders as well as those called to do youth ministry, will greatly benefit from KMA.

KMA also gives you a chance to experience a variety of music traditions because of our commitment to knowledge and skill exchange from musicians of different backgrounds and cultures.

At the completion of any programme by our students, Recitals are offered as one of the main ways of testing if the student has learned a skill. Specialists as well as the interested public are usually invited to these recitals.