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Reuben Kigame is a music minister, Christian apologist and electronic media consultant from Kenya. He describes himself as a “Christian pan-Africanist” and, regarding the three callings of his life, he says: “Like an African pot, my life’s mission sits on three cooking stones – music, apologetics and media.” He is a well-travelled, celebrated and personable musician, speaker, author, scholar and Christian activist.


Mr. Kigame became a zealous song-writer and minister of the Gospel shortly after his decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ in the early 1980's He recorded his first album, “What a Mighty God we Have”, back in 1987 and has recently released his 29th album, “Lipo Tumaini”, which was officially launched on 1st December, 2019, in Nairobi. Together with his team, Sifa Voices, and by himself, Reuben has collaborated with or produced music for numerous musicians around the world including Gloria Muliro, Mercy Masika, Guardian Angel, Jemima Thiong’o, David Aliwa, Flora Bwuzu, Cathy Komen, Princess Farida, Jeremy Sita, Nancy Karua, Angel Mwaka, Anne and Japhet Kasanga, Maywood Namuddu, Ben and Jakes, Diguna Africa Team, Douglas Jiveti, Mary Atieno Ominde, Pamela Nyaboke, Angie Ngesa, Florence Ambayo, Dr. Patrick Oyaro, Esther Mbaabu, Modest Morgan, etc.

He is the founder of Kigame Media which operates Living Water Studios, Kigame Music Academy and several other entities. He started Sifa Voices back in 1996 and has been a regular invitee to Churches around Africa and beyond. Mr. Kigame received the Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) state commendation from President Mwai Kibaki in October 2010 for his exemplary contribution to music and media.


Mr. Kigame resigned from teaching in 1994 to establish Word of Truth Ministries, a Christian Apologetics society that is committed to the propagation and defense of Biblical Christianity. He has spoken to numerous universities and high schools in East Africa and beyond and engages regularly in the explanation and justification of Christianity before its critics through debates, open for a as well as social media interaction. He trains pastors, evangelists, professionals and college students and graduates in Apologetics through his Reuben Kigame Centre for Christian Apologetics. Mr. Kigame is frequently invited to address such topics as, God and evil, creation versus evolution, religious pluralism, relativism, postmodernism, faith and science, intelligent design, media and morality, cultural diversity, social identity, Pan-Africanism, faith and politics, etc. He regularly accepts invitations to high schools to provide guidance for schools on faith, academics and constitutionalism, and addresses students on faith, morality, cults, the occult, career paths, academic excellence, drug abuse, relationships, sexuality, etc.

Mr. Kigame has published a classic book in Apologetics, the first of its kind in Africa, titled “Christian Apologetics through African Eyes “first released in 2018 and is currently working on several other books in the area. Edited by Jayne Yobera, his book “Reuben Kigame: The Raw Reflections” was released in early 2018.

Mr. Kigame received mentorship in Apologetics from itinerant Christian apologist, Dr. Ravi Zacharias between 1996 and 1998, Mr. Pete Bocchino of Legacy of Truth Ministries as well as the late Dr. Norman Geisler to whom he dedicated his apologetics book one year before his death. He has been greatly impacted by Dr. Josh McDowell who wrote the Foreword for the same book and is well-read in History, Philosophy, World Religions, Media, Theology and Apologetics.


Mr. Kigame is currently one of the most celebrated radio and television broadcast consultants in Africa. Besides being a broadcaster since 1999 and having worked with several media houses including Sayare Radio and Television, Radio Citizen, Family Radio and Television, Biblia Husema Broadcasting and Hope Media, Mr. Kigame set up and ran Fish Media for nine years before shutting down in 2016 to concentrate on research and writing. He accepts consultancy in radio and television station set up including sound production and image quality, programming, management, audience management and growth, station sustainability, music policy, etc. He also trains radio presenters and news anchors.


Born on March 13, 1966, in Bunyore, Vihiga County, Kenya, Reuben Kigame went to Kibos School for the Blind, Thika High School for the Blind, and then Kenyatta University where he graduated from with a B.E degree in History, Philosophy and Religious Studies. He attained an MSc in Journalism and Media Studies from Moi University and training in Apologetics from the Ravi Zacharias Institute of Christian Apologetics as well as the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is completing an M.A. in Apologetics. Mr. Kigame is currently a PhD student at the Centre for World Christianity, Africa International University, and Nairobi.

After completing Kenyatta University, Mr. Kigame married his college sweetheart called Mercy Wanderwa in 1991. They had three daughters, Shalom, Shekinah and Shema. Mercy passed on in a cruel road accident on 5th September, 2006. Reuben later married Julie Alividza with whom they got a son, Yeshua, in 2010. He lives with his family in Eldoret, Kenya.

Although blind from when he was 3, Mr. Kigame has not allowed his visual handicap to put him down. He has tried many things in life including cooking, driving, jogging, farming, running a restaurant, establishing media houses, and even running for political office in 2013 where he wanted to be Vihiga County’s first governor.

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