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The Role of Electronic Media in the Preservation of Early African Christianity

Several African governments are grappling with the need to increase local content in Africa's electronic media. The tendency is to focus on sourcing CONTENT from recent productions stretching as far back as the independence era. In this paper I propose the possibility of meeting this need by turning media attention to the neglected African past, not just the colonial era including the scramble and partition of Africa,....

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Evidence of Early Christianity in Libya: A Documentary Survey

The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that the name Libya was often used by the ancients, sometimes to designate the whole of northern Africa with the exception of Egypt, and sometimes to denote a single province west of Egypt. There are many volumes published on the history of ancient Egypt and inclusive studies of North Africa, but discussions on Libya tend to concentrate on recent occurrences.....

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An Analysis of the Epistemology of St Augustine.

St Augustine is viewed as an intellectual bridge between ancient Greek philosophy and the medieval world of ideas. His writings deeply shaped vast interests and expressions in academia in his day and after. While he made immeasurable contributions to metaphysics and theology, perhaps one of his most significant contributions is the area of epistemology.....

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Knowledge and Visual Disability in the Light of Plato's Doctrine of Forms

With this poem as a blueprint for the prevalent idea that nobody has the complete understanding of reality, we raise three philosophical questions in this paper. First, how do we acquire knowledge? Our understanding of how we obtain knowledge is useful in judging whether Saxe was justified to conclude that when we have a partial knowledge of reality,....

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