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The Role of Church Names in the Spread of Pentecostal Christianity in the Global South

Everything in the physical and metaphysical realms of existence has a designation that accords it a unique identity. Rocks have names that distinguish them from each other. Star differs from star and bird from bird by feather type, beak length or the songs each sings. When children are born, they are distinguished and named individually even if they are identical twins. Forensic scientists meticulously work to identify one human being from another at accident scenes because individual persons are attached to specific families. Handing over victim remains after intensive DNA testing helps to bring closure for family members. It is “terrible to think that a person will go into the ground…without a name” and....

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From Theology to Politics -The Anglican Church and the Clamour for Gay Rights

On 4th May, 2014, the BBC reported that Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the U.S. Episcopal Church, was divorcing Mark Andrew, his partner of 25 years. According to the report, Bishop Robinson said he was “forever grateful” to Mark Andrew and that the details of their split were private. According to the BBC,....

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The Role of Electronic Media in the Preservation of Early African Christianity

Several African governments are grappling with the need to increase local content in Africa's electronic media. The tendency is to focus on sourcing CONTENT from recent productions stretching as far back as the independence era. In this paper I propose the possibility of meeting this need by turning media attention to the neglected African past, not just the colonial era including the scramble and partition of Africa,....

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Evidence of Early Christianity in Libya: A Documentary Survey

The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that the name Libya was often used by the ancients, sometimes to designate the whole of northern Africa with the exception of Egypt, and sometimes to denote a single province west of Egypt. There are many volumes published on the history of ancient Egypt and inclusive studies of North Africa, but discussions on Libya tend to concentrate on recent occurrences.....

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An Analysis of the Epistemology of St Augustine.

St Augustine is viewed as an intellectual bridge between ancient Greek philosophy and the medieval world of ideas. His writings deeply shaped vast interests and expressions in academia in his day and after. While he made immeasurable contributions to metaphysics and theology, perhaps one of his most significant contributions is the area of epistemology.....

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Knowledge and Visual Disability in the Light of Plato's Doctrine of Forms

With this poem as a blueprint for the prevalent idea that nobody has the complete understanding of reality, we raise three philosophical questions in this paper. First, how do we acquire knowledge? Our understanding of how we obtain knowledge is useful in judging whether Saxe was justified to conclude that when we have a partial knowledge of reality,....

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The Socratic Dialogues and their Influence on Early Christian Apologists

… from Marcianus Aristides, an Athenian philosopher. I, O King, by the grace of God came into this world; and when I had considered the heaven and the earth and the seas, and had surveyed the sun and the rest of creation, I marveled at the beauty of the world. And I perceived that the world and all that is therein are moved by the power of another; and I understood...

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Hermeneutics and Prosperity Preaching

There exists at least three assumptions in the modern Church regarding biblical hermeneutics which define a deep-seated crisis when it comes to the use of the Scriptures in the proclamation of God’s truth. On the one hand, there is the widespread belief that only a small clique of theologians with specialized training in biblical interpretation should preach the Gospel because of their unique understanding backed up by a knowledge of the original languages.....

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Resolving the limitation of playing the Seben on the five-stringed bass

Congolese Sebene as a style has become extremely popular across the African continent and in the Diaspora. Traceable back to the early 1970’s in Congo, the style was developed and popularized by the band, Zaiko Langalanga, having been crafted by the group’s drummer who was inspired by the sound of the train they had taken to go to Brazzabille for performance. (Wampayo interview 2018).....

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Is the Earth Young or Old?

There is an ongoing debate on the age of the earth. How old is it and how can we know this with certainty? Some scientists believe that the Earth has been here for billions of years, strongly appealing to geophysical, astronomical and radiometric clocks to date rocks, geological processes, archeological, and paleontological excavations. They mainly support their position by using the evolution theory.....

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Reuben Kigame’s “Lipo Tumaini”: Delivering Hope in One Album, by Dr. Leonora Anyango-Kivuva

Reuben Kigame has done it again. An award-winning artist in Gospel Music, he ended the year 2019 with a bang. At a time when people needed pick-me-up moments, he delivered hope in a way that was more tangible than the word itself. With music and lyrics that make you truly feel and see hope, Reuben Kigame’s Lipo Tumaini is right for these uncertain times. In the speech that made Obama famous as a Senator in 2004,...

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